It's another day and another hilarious viral video has bubbled up to the surface of the Internet and this time it's a video of a prankster allegedly throwing eggs at his unsuspecting mom to catch.

Althought there are only a couple of scenes showing the man throwing the eggs at his mom, it seems (from the way his mother reacts) that it's a common, yet hilarious, occurrence.

What's most impressive is his mother's A+ catching skills. Just watch her. It looks as though her hand has a mind of its own.

The video was originally posted to UNILAD on Thursday, the Huffinton Post reports, with a caption that claimed the young man threw eggs at her every day for a year.


Now since there are only 13 intances of egg catching and throwing in the video, we cannot confirm that the young man threw an egg at her every day for a year.

If he did though, what an obnoxious son.

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