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RNC's first (and only) speaker: a dead president

Can't wait to see how they figure this one out.

Next week, Cleveland will play host to the Republican National Convention. While it's no doubt to be a star-studded event, with billionaire and TV personality-cum-presidential candidate Donald Trump leading the pack, it seems attendees will be in for a very special guest Monday.

According to the RNC'sofficial app (iPhone/Android), America's first president andoriginal Brexit-er George Washington will address the party. In fact, he's the only person listed under the app's 'Speakers' section.

He's been dead since 1799 –hey,Tupac pulled it off– but the party has booked General Washington during the Tuesday prime-time program, and even included a biography on the former delegate and commander-in-chief.They conveniently left out the date he died.

Washington preceded the 22nd Amendment, but already served eight years as president. So even if Mitt Romney tries stage a coup against Trump, Washington will be off the table.


Other rumored speakers include Scott Walker and Ted Cruz.

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