After almost a minute of thinking it through, Teddy Bear the Porcupine — known for having successfully predicted three out of the last four Super Bowl games — made his decision for this weekend’s game.
The porcupine, who calls Dallas’ Zooniversity home, predicted on Sunday that the winners of Super Bowl 50 will be the Denver Broncos, according to ABC News.
Teddy Bear’s prediction was posted on YouTube showing the porcupine debating between munching on a corncob representing the Broncos or the opposing Carolina Panthers.
According to Zooniversity, Teddy Bear — who is a viral star with more than 45,000 Facebook followers and 24,000 YouTube subscribers – has predicted the Super Bowel winner three out of four times.
The one time Teddy Bear was wrong was last year when he picked the Seattle Seahawks over the New England Patriots.
Let’s see if this prickly sports fan is right on Sunday when the Broncos and Panthers go head to head in California.
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