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VIDEO: 6-year-old asks Obama to bring Syrian refugee to his house, 'He will be our brother'

"A young child who has not learned to be cynical or suspicious or fearful of other people because of where they come from, how they look, or how they pray ... we can all learn from Alex."

Omran Daqneesh, the 5-year-old Syrian boy who witnessed his brother's fatal injuries in an air strike in Aleppo last month, touched the world in a striking photo that had been published.

A 6-year-old boy, Alex, from Scarsdale, New York was also moved by the image and has offered Daqneesh his home and a new family, including a new big brother, Alex.

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"Alex told me that he wanted Omran to come live with him and hisfamily," President Obama shared on Facebook. "He wanted to share his bike, and teach him how to ride. He said his little sister would collect butterflies for him. 'We can all play together,'he wrote. 'We will give him a family and he will be our brother.'"


Obama was so moved by Alex’s offer that he read the letter during theU.N. summit on refugees earlier this week.

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"The humanity that a young child can display, who hasn’t learned to be cynical, or suspicious, or fearful of other people because of where they’re from, or how they look, or how they pray, and who just understands the notion of treating somebody that is like him with compassion, with kindness — we can all learn from Alex," Obama said.

The president shared the letter and the video of Alex reading it on the White House blog and the POTUS Facebook.

Watch the video below.

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