Ihave pets, but I’m not what you’d really call the “animal lover” type. I’m not the kind of guy who, say, shares cute animal videos all the time on Facebook, like some cheesy goofball. No offense if you are, but, just not my kind of thing, to be honest. I have very specific tastes. I hope that’s cool.

But this animal video? Ladies and gentlemen...get pumped. This animal video is good.

Toronto dog owner Rennie Berchard posted a short clip on Facebook of her rescue dog Buddy playing with a new toy, his GoDogGo automatic fetch device.


As you watch, you may be shocked at how strongly you, much like Buddy, never really want the experience to end.

Berchard told ABC News she is totally surprised by the response to the video, which has been viewed nearly 65 million times.

"Once he learned how to actually play with it and use it himself, he just became very excited by it," she told the network. "He's just thrilled that he can do it on his own, and I think that's the overall excitement for him. But he loves the anticipation."

Anyway, brb on my way to the rescue shelter.