The world thinks Justin Trudeau, Canada's newly elected prime minister, oozes sexiness like a maple tree oozes sap.

Following the news that Trudeau had come out on top, the Internet went collectively batsh-t about how attractive he is.

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Objectively speaking, the man isn't difficult to look at:

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"To many people across the world who are unfamiliar with Canadian politics, they are only now seeing Trudeau for the first time," CBC reports. "And for many, they're pleasantly surprised with the 43-year-old Trudeau's physical appearance — a talking point which has followed around Trudeau since he first ran for Parliament in 2008. (Even the Conservatives seemed to get into the act, with campaign ads that remarked on Trudeau's "nice hair.")."


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The man does have nice hair.

The man also speaks French, in case your knees were not weak enough at the present moment.

Many have taken to social media to express how thirsty they are for Prime Minister-designate Trudeau

So what say ye', Metro readers? Justin Trudeau. Hot or not?

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