Jennifer Aniston waking up and remembering she's incredibly wealthy.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of us screaming at the top of our lungs because this Emirates Airlines' commercial is quite possibly the snobbiest thing we have ever seen.

The commercial features a very confused Jennifer Aniston walking around an airplane in a bathrobe desperately seeking the plane's shower. When the crew tells her there is no shower, and even worse, no bar, she shakes herself awake to find it was all a nightmare, and that she's safe and comfy in her Emirates Airline's airplane bed.

Oh and just when you think it's over, the commercial cuts to Aniston complaining to her airplane's BARTENDER about her nightmare.

This is a pretty ridiculous advertisement considering that a roundtrip first-class ticket on Emirates to Dubai costs around $25,000.


We're kinda surprised Jennifer Aniston, who has always marketed herself as the approachable, friendly, girl-next-door, Rachel Green-kind-of-person, made the decision to help Emirates sell its outrageous first-class package.

But seriously this commercial's TL;DR: "I had a nightmare that I was poor!"

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