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In one of last year's biggest Internet sensations, the Ice Bucket Challenge helped spread awareness and raise money for a devastating disease, and was taken on by average citizens and celebrities alike.

A new viral video challenge has supposedly made waves across Mexico but with less altruistic and more disturbing effects.

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Called “Reto del pasesito” in Spanish or “little pass challenge,” the trend dares teens in Mexico to snort cocaine and then challenge a friend to the same, according to published reports.


Several videos have popped up online of young girls sniffing the drug before nominating a buddy, and has been described in local media as something the wealthy are doing, theMirror Online reported.

"This is a new challenge among young socialites which consists of ingesting cocaine,” a caption to one of the YouTube videos reads.

The fad has created its own hashtag #retodelpasesito, and even prompted a Facebook page dedicated to the trend, but it has since been taken down by the company, according to reports.

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At least one of the only three videos that have reportedly been circulating of the controversial challenge, has beentaken down by YouTubefor violating its “policy on depiction of harmful activities.”

Mexican authorities are investigating the videos, according to the Mirror.

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