Listen folks, there are three things that never mix well: Public drunkeness, a high libido and a penchant for spontanaity. A couple in Virginia learned this lesson the hardway when they were arressted for having sex in public.

But that's not all, according to the Huffington Post the man was unconcious when police arrived at the scene.

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"Despite being easily spotted from the road in the middle of the day, Kimberly M. Jackson and Earl Palmer carried on before Palmer passed out," The Huffington post wrote.

What was their defense?

"She had needs, I had needs, it just happened,"Earl Palmer toldWTKR News Channel 3.

Only the woman,Kimberly M. Jackson was arrested and charged with public drunkeness although more charges could be heading her way.

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When a reporter asked if the couple would ever let this happen again Jackson said "no," and after a moment of thought Palmer replied,

"I dont' know," he said.


"From now on we know we gotta do it more discreetly," he later added.

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