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VIDEO: ‘Darth Vader’ spotted picking up trash along highway

“We need to end this destructive behavior to restore the galaxy."

"Darth Vader" does his part for the Earth.

WSLS screenshot

Luke, pick up your garbage.

That’s the message of Henry Wakley, a man who lives in New Zealand, but spends two weeks a year in Blacksburg, Virginia cleaning up a local roadway, according to WSLS.

Wakley reportedly adopted a mile-and-a-half of Route 460 in Blacksburg through the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Apparently, as a way to make commuters smile, Wakley decided to spend his time in Blacksburg not only picking up trash along his stretch of road, but doing it dressed as Darth Vader.


“We need to end this destructive behavior to restore the galaxy,” Wakley told WSLS.

Drivers appreciated the gesture, honking and waving, according to WSLS, but at least one called the cops, reporting that Batman was on the side of the highway.

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