An Uber driver in Orange County, California was assaulted by a passenger before having to pepper spray him, leading to one of their arrests.

A dashboard camera mounted inside the vehicle captured the incident.

The passenger, who has been identified in media reports as Benjamin Golden, 32, was allegedly drunk when he assaulted the driver, Edwin Cabal. Cabal retaliated by pepper spraying the suspect. He then posted the video to YouTube.

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According to Caban, he picked up the man in Newport Beach, and the passenger said he was going to Costa Mesa, but didn’t know exactly where and could not provide an exact address.

When Caban noticed the passenger was intoxicated and wasn’t able to give accurate directions, he pulled over and told the man the ride was over.

Golden continued to beg Caban to take him to this destination but the driver refused to move. Golden then became violent and struck Caban in the face multiple times before being pepper-sprayed and later arrested.

Costa Mesa police Sgt. Jerry Souza confirmed the authenticity of the video, according to the Los Angeles Times. Souza also saidthat Goldenwas arrested on twomisdemeanors — suspicion of assaulting a taxicab operator and of public intoxication. He was released from custody, but authorities are still reviewing the incident and plan to submit charges to the district attorney's office.

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