Part of the attraction of live TV is the thrill of the unexpected, however, a reporter that was nearly hit by a car as it veered off the road probably has a different perspective.

Alex Savidge of California news station KTVU was reporting on a story live on air when a car was pushed off the road and onto the sidewalk where he and his photographer were shooting.

Savidge and the photographer were both unharmed.

“Alex credits his photographer Chip Vaughan for yelling, ‘get out of the way.’ Out of instinct Alex jumped to the right — luckily since the car was on his left side,” KTVU reported.

As a result of the accident, the unidentified driver had their license taken away.


Watch the thrilling close call in the video below:

CLOSE CALL: It was a very scary moment this morning as Alex Savidge KTVU was live on Mornings on 2.A car crashed nearby and careened toward Alex and our photographer, hitting the camera.We wanted to let you know that everyone is ok. bit.ly/1THWUPj

Posted by KTVU Channel 2 on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

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