It might sound cheesy, but Metro has lost it’s marbles after watching the soon-to-be viral video of the “The Wintergartan Marble Machine.”

What’s the Wintergartan Marble Machine? Well it’s essentially a very complicated music box that uses marbles to make music.

Or in other words:

“The Wintergartan Marble Machine, built by Swedish musician Martin Molin and filmed by Hannes Knutsson, is a hand-made music box that powers a kick drum, bass, vibraphone and other instruments using a hand crank and 2,000 marbles,” Wired UK explains sucinctly.


“With dozens of beautifully carved wooden parts, tracks, pulleys and funnels for collecting and rerouting spent marbles, it's a true work of art. And though marble machines as an art form of their own have a long and complex history, this might be one of the best.”

The creation of the machine has been documented on YouTube over the past year with the artist and designer, Martin Molin, showing step by step how each component of the beautifully intricate machine was made.

Watch the video for yourself. Prepare to be amazed.

Matt Lee is a web producer for Metro New York. He writes about almost everything and anything. Talk to him (or yell at him) on Twitter so he doesn’t feel lonely:@off_Yellow.

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