If there is one thing we know about the inevitablezombie apocalypse, it is that you probably won't survive. Your chances of not surviving though, vary depending on your city.

Thanks to Career Builder and data from its company Economic Modeling Specialists Intl., we now know which cities stand the smallest chance of surviving, and or, not being totally anhilated by the end of the world via zombies.

"The research is comprised of a weighted index ranking the 53 largest U.S. metropolitan areas (with more than 1 million residents) based on their occupational skills and industry characteristics." Career Builder wrote in a press release. "A standard, flesh-eating virus transmitted via biting or contact with infected blood is assumed. The index is scored on eight different factors in four categories: ability to defend against the virus, ability to contain the virus, ability to find a cure and ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply."

The city least likely to surivie a zombie apocalypse?

New York City.

Did this surprise you? It shouldn't.

"Although it may have survived an alien invasion in the movie Independence Day, New York City was found to be least equipped to survive an undead infiltration, ranking at the bottom of the list at 53," Career Builder wrote in the report.


This isn't hard to believe. Unless zombies suddenly becomesusceptible to hot dogs, cigarettes and the G train, New York City is pretty screwed. Not only are we ill-equipped, there are just so many people in the city that it should be no surprise how quickly a zombie virus could spread.

But what, you ask, is the number one city most likely to surive a zombie apocalypse?


"Perhaps a history fighting for freedom gave it the edge," Career Builder explains. "Thanks to the right skills, population density and industry resources, Boston, MA has the highest chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse."

Here are the full rankings:

Cities most likely to survive thezombie apocalypse:

Boston, MA
Salt Lake City, UT
Columbus, OH
Baltimore, MD
Virginia Beach, VA
Seattle, WA
San Diego, CA
Kansas City, MO
Denver, CO
Indinapolis, IN

Cities least likely to survive a zombie apocalypse:

New York, NY
Tampa, FL
Los Angeles, CA
Riverside- San Bernardino, CA
Chicaco, IL
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Milwuakee, WI
Providence, RI
Las Vegas, NV

Also, check out this handy map of our collective demise below:

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