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Woman arrested for allegedly stealing french fries from cop

The woman is facing theft charges.
The woman allegedly got away with stealing three fries before being arrested. Pixabay

At least it wasn’t a doughnut.

A Maryland woman was busted for taking french fries from the plate of a police officer, according to local media reports.

The hungry woman was reportedly at Italian Kitchen Wednesday night in Washington D.C. when she snatched a fry.

According to Fox5 DC, the alleged food thief and her friend appeared to be intoxicated and at first tried to start a conversation with the officer. When she tried to grab a second fry, the cop told her to stop.


"I then politely asked [the woman] to not do that again because I paid for that food and she was stealing from me and she could be arrested for theft of my food," the officer wrote in the police report, according to Fox5.

But the woman allegedly said that she could then just be taken to jail, and took a third fry. That’s when she was arrested.

She is now facing theft charges.

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