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Vita Coco launched a sparkling water, and even coconut water haters will love it

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Let me put this out there from the get-go: I hate coconut water. I don’t want to. It’s not like I haven’t given it a chance. There’s just something about the aftertaste that keeps me from going back for me. I am, however, an avid drinker of sparkling water in all forms. That’s the only reason I agreed to try Vita Coco Sparkling, and I guess you have to call me a coconut water fan now.

“People are always looking for healthier options when it comes to soft drinks – and choosing natural beverages like coconut water and lower calorie sparkling drinks. We wanted to offer sparkling water lovers the best coconut flavored sparkling drinks possible,” co-founder and CEO of Vita Coco, Mike Kirban told Metro in an exclusive interview.

Vita Coco might replace your favorite sparkling water

One look at the label and you see that Vita Coco Sparkling lives up to the healthy hype. Aside from the health benefits of coconut water, which Kirban assured us are extensive, the cans pack only 25 calories and they’re mostly from a splash of juice for flavor. You’ll only find 4 grams of sugar in each can, the equivalent of one teaspoon, but it’s a subtle sweetness since Vita Coco doesn’t add any other source of sugar to the drink.

Each can packs the same electrolytes and potassium as their regular line since Vita Coco Sparkling has a hefty dose of coconut water, but you get the light refreshing flavor of typical carbonated water. “Consumers today want their foods and beverages to do even more for them,” Kirban noted, explaining that they tried to “bring true functionality to sparkling drinks” with the launch of this new line.

vita coco sparkling coconut water

But they also brought the flavor. Vita Coco Sparkling is currently only available in four flavors, but they sound reminiscent of those La Croix cans you love: Grapefruit, Lemon Ginger, Raspberry Lime and Pineapple Passionfruit. While there are only four for now, Kirban told Metro they’re “always thinking about new or seasonal flavors in the future.”

Here’s what a coconut water hater thought of Vita Coco Sparkling

As mentioned, I hate coconut water. The aftertaste is funky and, even worse, it lingers. Obviously I suspected I wasn’t going to enjoy Vita Coco Sparkling very much, but I was wrong. I tried out the Raspberry Lime since that’s one of my favorite combos in regular seltzer, and was pleasantly surprised by the twist. Vita Coco Sparkling was a touch sweeter than regular seltzer thanks to that splash of juice, but nowhere near cloying like the sweetened seltzers on the market. You could actually taste the lime, which not every company boasting this flavor combo achieves.

The drink is a perfect fit for those mid-afternoon sweet cravings. The subtle sweetness is enough to kill off those cravings, but the drink as a whole is refreshing enough to chase away any lingering urge to dive into the snack drawer. Plus, there’s just something about carbonation that hits the spot, especially in the humid summer months. If you’re wary of coconut water flavor, though, make sure you enjoy your can cold. I let mine sit out a little too long and the coconut water came through more clearly the warmer the drink got.

Where you can find Vita Coco Sparkling

Each 12-ounce can of Vita Coco Sparkling will cost you $1.99, and you can find them in Kroger stores nationwide as well as CVS stores in the New York City metro area. The cans are even stocked on some local bodega shelves, so keep an eye out. They launched in LA in Target late last month, so hopefully they’ll roll out across the country in this superstore before long.


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