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Volunteers pledge their time for art

Rather than a donation from the wallet, Calgary’s Timeraiser is looking for a more valuable donation — your time.

For the fifth year, Calgary Timeraiser is looking for Calgarians to pledge their time to various organizations in exchange for local art.

“There’s a lot of ways where this event helps different parts of the community,” said Timeraiser volunteer Stew McDonough.

Corporate sponsors purchase the work of local artists, which is then bid on by citizens in number of volunteer hours rather than money. Those willing citizens can dedicate their time over the period of a year to more than 25 local volunteer organizations.

Those who complete their volunteer hours receive the art at the next Timeraiser, explained McDonough.

“A lot of people have a great deal to give and actually have that interest and wish to give but they’re sitting on the sidelines and this is the opportunity.”

Tickets for this Thursday’s event can be purchased at www.timeraiser.ca.

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