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Volunteers wanted for Fenway Park ‘terrorist attack’

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Authorities are looking for Red Sox fans willing to volunteer some time on Sunday to be part of a simulated “large-scale terrorist attack” at Fenway Park.

Officials, who stressed that there were no actual threats or security concerns, will be staging the terror situation on Sunday at the ballpark to help federal agents and Boston police practice.

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“It’s really practice for protocol: What should officers or first responders do?” BPD spokeswoman Rachel McGuire said. “It’s like a dress rehearsal. Were not going to be disclosing super classified secrets.”

The simulated terrorists and police would be using “inaudible, simulated explosions” and “realistic-sounding, simulated gunshots,” police said on the BPD blog.

Police are now seeking 100 volunteers willing to act as Fenway fans. They will wear make-up and be asked to take part in drills throughout the morning, or to serve as “victims” to be treated by EMS.

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It’s the first time in its history the stadium has opened its doors to such an elaborate training exercise, Red Sox spokeswoman Zineb Curran said. “This will also be the first time fake gunfire is fired in/around the ballpark since filming of the movie ‘The Town,’” Curran wrote in an email.

Police said they will be reaching out to the public in the days before the simulation to make people aware of the activity they can expect to see and hear nearby on Sunday. They are also advising people to stay away from the area. Parts of Yawkey Way and Van Ness Street will be closed throughout the exercise.

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