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Wait, is today Father’s Day?

is today father's day
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You have a plan in place for Mother’s Day, and it’s memorized. After all, your mom would freak if you forgot her special day. But dad’s more laid back, so you’re never quite sure about his holiday. You know it’s in early June and now you’re freaking out a little wondering, is today Father’s Day?

True, Father’s Day never really took off like Mother’s Day. Maybe that’s because Mother’s Day came first, claiming most of our attention. Father’s Day was actually inspired by a Mother’s Day sermon, according to Live Science. Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington wanted to honor her dad the same way other people’s mothers were recognized, since she lost her mother in childbirth and had been raised by a loving single father (who had five other children to wrangle). While it took Congress only 6 years to make Mother’s Day an officially recognized event, Father’s Day only got its due in 1972, 62 years after its invention.

So, do you need to run out and riffle through the picked-over shelves for a card? Is today Father’s Day? Here’s what you need to know before having that mini heart attack about it.

Is today Father’s Day?

Is it Father’s Day today? If you’re reading this on the day of publication, no, it’s not. You still have time to put plenty of thought into the card and gift you get the man that helped raise you, or maybe even did it all by himself. If you need to ship those things, though, you’re cutting it pretty close and might have to opt for expedited shipping.

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But how close are we talking? If you’re seeing this after publication time and frantically asking is today Father’s Day, you should know that Father’s Day 2018 is on Sunday, June 17. We found last-minute Father’s Day gifts you can get through Amazon that don’t feel rushed or impersonal in case you need them. If you and your dad are both based in New York, you can also do one of these Father’s Day activities with him, some of which can be planned the day of.

But even if you dropped the ball on the card and the gift because you didn’t ask is it Father’s Day today, give your old man a call. He’ll want to hear your voice no matter what.


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