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Wake up David Caplan! We are not the United States

Re: Premier defends eHealth spending

What is wrong with our (provincial) Health Minister David Caplan?

Why would any sane person compare U.S. President Barack Obama’s $50 billion on eHealth with Ontario?

May I remind the honourable minister that Canada is not the United States and Obama is not our president (unfortunately). We are a nation of approximately 30 million people, while the U.S. is a nation of 300 million people. Of course it is justified for the Amer­icans to have a larger budget on everything there.

They have a larger tax base.

I’m tired of the myopic view of our ministers these days. Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of, “Obama is doing this, or saying that, so what’s wrong if I do the same.”

Excuse me, but we are a separate, sovereign country with our own issues and policies regarding those issues.

Please learn to listen to the pulse of the people, Mr. Caplan, and own up that this agency, like many other government agencies, is providing very little value at our tax expense.

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