Wakefield man brawls with seven Revere cops, knocks one out, sends more to the hospital – Metro US

Wakefield man brawls with seven Revere cops, knocks one out, sends more to the hospital

Wakefield man brawls with seven Revere cops, knocks one out, sends more to
Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office

One man took on seven cops in a fist fight Tuesday morning.

A Wakefield man apparently did not appreciate having to stop for a construction crew removing parking cones on Revere Beach Parkway and wound up brawling with seven cops, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

According to the DA, Revere Police flagged down Joseph Parker, 34, and told him to stop his car while a road crew cleaned up a construction site. Police say Parker rolled down his window and said, “I know why you stopped me.” He then exited the car, started cursing at the officer on detail and then decked the lieutenant.

As Parker went after another officer, his passengers hopped out of the car and tried to restrain him while the officer called in backup. Three other officers arrived to help detain Parker and to check on the well being of the lieutenant, who was briefly out cold. He was treated for concussion symptoms and evaluated for head injuries at Mass. General Hospital.

As police tried to put Parker in the back of the cruiser, they claim that he put up a struggle until he was cuffed and tossed into the cruiser. Officers say that he then kicked the rear window until it cracked, took off his shoes and wedged his feet through the grate surrounding the rear compartment in an attempt to kick it out.

Officers pulled Parker out of the cruiser, and things seemed to cool off. But once they tried to put him back in the cruiser, the kicking started up again.

One officer pulled out his Taser and hit Parker with it enough to subdue him.

The scene at the police station wasn’t light on any violence either.

He both cooperated with booking officers and cursed them out at the same time. He recited his Miranda rights as they were read to him and went off on a violent streak again on the way into the lockup room.

Police say he crouched into a boxer stance in the corner of the room, put his dukes up, and told the boys in blue to bring it on. While officers tried to calm him down, another officer walked in to assist the situation. Unfortunately, that officer ate a punch to the face and another struggle ensued. An officer suffered a leg injury requiring treatment at MGH and three other officers suffered cuts and abrasions. Officers finally were able to lock him up, putting an end to long brawl.

Parker was arraigned in Chelsea District Court on Tuesday and was held on $25,000 bail. He was charged with several counts of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and malicious destruction of property.