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Walking to combat poverty

The 25th World Partnership Walk in Stanley Park raised roughly $2 million yesterday to fight poverty in some of the world’s most isolated and impoverish places.

Shellina Lakhdhir, regional campaign manager with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, said she has seen first-hand how the money raised makes a difference.

“I have been living in Pakistan for most of my life and seen the conditions that they are trying to improve,” said Lakhdhir.

She said many Canadians are blessed with strong ethics and have a role to play in helping the citizens of the world.

As a Vancouver mayoral tradition, Gregor Robertson attended the event and urged everyone to extend a helping hand around the world as well as at home.

“About a quarter of our city continues to live in poverty. We haven’t solved this problem locally so we have to remember we have work to do here at home too,” said Robertson.

Fund spending

• All funds raised through the Aga Khan Foundation Canada go directly to international development, with nothing spent on administration.

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