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Wankband lets you masturbate to charge your phone

Got a hot date with Lady Five-fingers? Why not charge your phone while you’re at it? The motion-powered, wearable Wankband allows you to masturbate your way to more battery. It’s no surprise that the people at PornHub are the masterminds behind the Wankband – after all, using sustainable energy is a good excuse to watch porn and give yourself a handy, right?

It’s a nice thought by PornHub. The video giant admits that its users waste tons of energy by watching porn, so they created the Wankband to give back to the environment.

How does it work? The band, which looks like a Fit Bit, has a kinetic charger inside that stores energy as you move your hand up and down. Though the device is still in development the Wankband already has fans: “My frat buddies and I could generate enough power to send a rocket into outer space. We’ll call it the Mars Wank #wankband,” wrote Twitter user @acmebombs.

PornHub calls it “guilt-free electricity” – guilt-free if you’re not Catholic, that is. If you’re looking for the Wankband, you can sign up to be a beta tester on this SFW webpage.

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