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Want to help veterans? Go and see ‘God Bless The Broken Road’

LaDainian Tomlinson in God Bless The Broken Road

Over the last few days there has been a spiky debate over the treatment of the American national anthem and everything that it symbolises.

This was sparked after Nike launched their advertisement campaign with Colin Kaepernick, which immediately provoked one side to argue that the company had disrespected the United States and its veterans because the NFL star had previously refused to stand for the national anthem.

They then started to burn and throw out their Nike products in protest.

Those in defence of Kaepernick insisted the individuals that were destroying these items should instead have donated them to the many homeless veterans in need of assistance.

But while that conflict shows no signs of dying down, it turns out that there is now another way to help veterans.

Because during my recent chat with “God Bless The Broken Road” star LaDainian Tomlinson the former NFL star revealed that those behind the film have partnered with Disabled American Veterans so that part of its gross will assist them.

“I especially liked the fact that this movie had partnered with DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and part of the proceeds will benefit them.

“It’s an important film because of our relationship with Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Through the generosity of the filmmakers, proceeds of the film go to support DAV’s efforts to help our Military heroes.”

“That’s why I want everyone to see the film. The more successful the film is, the more veterans we serve.”

“God Bless The Broken Road” revolves around Amber Hill (Lindsay Pusipher), a widow of two years whose husband died in the war in Afghanistan. Amber is still mourning his death, while she is also struggling to keep her home and provide for her 9-year-old daughter, Bree.

However, things suddenly start to look up when up-and-coming racing driver Cody Jackson enters their lives, and Amber and Bree become embroiled in his life. At the same time, though, Amber realizes that she has a choice to make over which way to take her life.

“God Bless The Broken Road” is in cinemas now.