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Was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2?

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The nostalgic movies might be on your mind again after Macaulay Culkin aired his long-standing grievance against a major plot hole in the first film. Now, come to think of it, you’ve wondered, was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2, for a while now. We put the question to rest for good.

Donald Trump is no stranger to the cameo. It’s not exactly a Hollywood secret that Number 45, before he was known as POTUS, weaseled his way into many a silver screen scene by being a brat during negotiations if producers wanted to use any of his properties for shooting.

Although he never broke into the main cast of any production — we should probably say “yet” — eagle-eyed film fanatics can spot The Donald in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Zoolander and Two Weeks Notice. He would have appeared in Scent of a Woman had it not been for the producers deciding to cut the cameo. But what about that second installment of the Macaulay Culkin movies; was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2?

So, was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2?

Oh, you bet the businessman negotiated himself a passing part in the movie! Although Matt Damon, who revealed Trump’s tactics for getting on screen, revealed that most producers will play along, only to cut the scene in the editing process, the actor remarked, “But I guess in Home Alone 2 they left it in.”

Can’t quite remember the Donald Trump cameo from Home Alone 2? You can check out the famous scene in the video below. It wasn’t a yuge part, he simply points Culkin’s character in the direction of the lobby, but the now-president is absolutely there.

Was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2? Check out the clip



So why was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2?

Although you won’t see any explicit Trump properties in the list of filming locations, such as Trump Tower, Donald Trump bought The Plaza Hotel in 1988, though he was eventually forced to sell in 1995. At the time the movie was filmed (it was released in 1992), Trump was will the owner and according to Rob Schneider, the billionaire was “nice enough to let [them] completely take over the Plaza.”

“That was his hotel that he owned, and he let us run with it. I guess he knew it was a big franchise movie and that it would be good publicity for the place,” Schneider explained. As for Trump on set, the actor told AOL that he “seemed to be genial and definitely very [sic] happy to be in the movie.”

was donald trump in home alone 2 cameo

Still, if you always suspected the turn Trump makes in the movie just to tell a kid where the lobby is was a little too long and exaggerated, you aren’t the only one: “I remember thinking, ‘That’s kind of a long turn, isn’t it?’” Scheider, who was in the businessman’s sightline in this scene, recalls. “But they wanted to make sure people realized it was him, and it ended up being the right length. I remember thinking it was a little too long, though.”

Maybe the turn wasn’t long enough if we’re all still asking, was Donald Trump in Home Alone 2.


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