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Was Geno Smith abducted after Flat Earth comments?

Was, Geno Smith, abducted, after, flat earth

Other than when Kevin Hart introduced Kyrie Irving as a flat-Earther at the NBA All-Star Game earlier this month, we haven’t heard much about Kyrie’s ongoing dispute of the Earth being round (which is what scientists have been saying since before you or your great-great-great-great-great grandmother was alive) lately. That is until this past Saturday, when Giants backup QB Geno Smith re-opened the floodgates and was subsequently hammered online for them.

“I been studying this whole flat earth vs globe thing. And I think I may be with Kyrie on this. B4 you judge do some HW but what do you guys think?,” Smith wrote on Twitter.

Props to Smith for actually doing some legwork here as he actually went out on his boat and “explored” on Sunday.

“Getting to the bottom of this once and for all #ForAllMankind,” Smith tweeted while driving his boat.

For the record, Smith hasn’t tweeted since Sunday. Uh oh.

That’s well over 24 hours since he said he was going to get to the bottom of this mess. So many questions.

Did the “Restricted Zones” get him?

Did he fall over the proverbial edge?

Is he in the Upside Down?

Did the goverment shoot him and his boat from an iceberg in Antarctica?

UPDATE: Geno is alive. He tweeted. But he may have been abducted. Not sure what to make of this.




NFL funny money

Teams overpaying quarterbacks in free agency has been a time-honored tradition in the NFL.

Thank goodness the Patriots haven’t had to go through this since, oh, say — actually it’s never happened. The NFL free agency we know today didn’t really start until 1992, and the Patriots drafted Drew Bledsoe right after that. Tom Brady took Bledsoe’s job in 2001 (you might have heard), and the Pats have been cool at the QB position ever since.

So when you see the Jaguars giving Blake Bortles a new three-year, $54 million deal, and you see teams getting ready to line up at the door of Kirk Cousins (who has a grand total of zero postseason wins) to give him a five-year deal worth around $145 million — you should start counting your blessings as a fan.

The Patriots have had a leg up on their competition in the offseason for over 25 years, simply because they already have a QB. It makes it much easier to address other areas.

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