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Watch Beyonce’s best Grammy performances

Beyonce is set to take the stage Sunday night at the 59th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. “Lemonade” has earned Queen Bey nine award nominations across four different genres, including the night’s two biggest prizes: Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

However, when she’s not thanking her beautiful buns in the oven for yet another groundbreaking award and slaying the red carpet, Beyonce will get into “Formation” live. We have some sneaking suspicions as to what she’ll perform. (Rumors say she’ll sing “Dance for You,” but suspect she’ll join the Pricne tribute, as well.) But first, let’s look back at the six times Beyonce took the stage in Grammy history.

The 46th Grammy Awards (2004)

Beyonce also performed "Dangerously in Love" at this year's show, but we'd like to remember it this way: For her first solo Grammy performance, Beyonce shared the stage with Prince. We don't think we need to say much more than that.

The 49th Grammy Awards (2007)

Having been only the second time she performed the “Dreamgirls” track for an audience, Beyonce’s “Listen” found its way onto the “I Am…” tour later that year.

The 50th Grammy Awards (2008)

There is nothing better than Sasha Fierce-era Beyonce and timeless Tuner winding up to get those wheels turning. We could watch this on a loop, any day, any time.

The 52nd Grammy Awards (2010)

Mixing Alanis Morissette’s break-up song of all break-up songs into her “If I Were a Boy” performance had become a standard for B’s “I Am…” tour. While there’s much to be said for the two powerful female anthems coming together, seeing Morissette join Bey for “Jagged Little Pill”’s fifth anniversary is an experience we feel we’ve been unfairly denied.

The 56th Grammy Awards (2014)

Beyonce’s self-titled visual album was not only the most talked about release of 2013, it was easily the most groundbreaking. Released without promotion, with a full catalog of accompanying video components, Bey’s fifth studio album was nominated for five, and took home three awards that night. Her fully sexed single was likely the raunchiest and most addictive ode to matrimony we’ve ever heard, and she and Jay provided the highest bar possible for 2014’s Grammy opening.

The 57th Grammy Awards (2015)

Beyonce performed the traditional gospel song as part of John Legend and Common’s live rendition of “Glory” for the year’s mega-MLK biopic, “Selma.” Draped in ethereal white and a tuxedoed choir, the somber, soulful performance is a classic Bey example of her bringing a crowd to its knees with the sheer power of her voice.

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