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Watch Conan O’Brien try and fail to be The Rock’s stunt double

Conan O'Brien The Rock's stunt double Dwayne Johnson
Conan O'Brien tries out to be The Rock's stunt double. Photo by Team Coco via YouTube / screenshot

It’s not easy being The Rock’s stunt double, as Conan O’Brien learned the hard way.

The late-night host attempted to play a stand-in for action movie icon and possible presidential candidate Dwayne Johnson in a hilarious new video that aired on Wednesday night’s episode of “Conan.” Ahead of the premiere of The Rock’s latest blockbuster, “Rampage,” O’Brien tried to convince the actor that he’s worthy of being the former WWE star’s body double.

The Rock didn’t exactly agree at first, especially after comparing photos with the comic from their early days.

“I don’t know if you see action star,” Johnson says in the video. 

O’Brien wasn’t dissuaded, though, claiming that he’s got the right body to take on the role of The Rock’s stunt double.

“I look at this and it’s like I’m looking at a mirror,” O’Brien says.

“Really?” Johnson replies. “Like a carnival mirror?”

After a few back-and-forth jabs about each other’s physiques, as well as pitching Johnson on possible movie collaborations like a Simon and Garfunkel biopic, O’Brien finally got his wish. The late-night host donned a bald cap and got thrown around a room while doing stunts as The Rock for a few action sequences.

O’Brien also enlisted the help of George, the giant albino ape from “Rampage,” for a scene, although Johnson wasn’t exactly impressed by the cheap monkey suit interpretation of the character. However, The Rock did seem to enjoy watching George repeatedly “punch” O’Brien in the face and beat him with a stick. After all this, we’re guessing the comedian is going to stick to his day job.

Watch: Conan O’Brien plays The Rock’s stunt double

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