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If you've ever wondered what the Girls would be like as old ladies, this video spoof serves as a preview. HBO

If you’ve ever wondered whether the “Girls” girls will ever grow up and get over themselves, now you can glimpse what they’re like as old ladies.

Spoiler: Outside of their appearance, they haven’t changed a bit.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest Lena Dunham aired a video revealing geriatric versions of Hannah, Shosh, Marnie and Jessa in a spoof on the “Golden Girls.” Dunham created and produced the sketch, with co-producer credit given to Jaden Smith, Jr. and “directed by” going to Blue Ivy Carter and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (wink wink). With only two episodes left of "Girls" final season, it's sort of a nice send-off.

Elderly Jessa is living her best life, pushing around an IV pumping her full of “recreational morphine.” Shosh is still perpetually out of the loop, yet judging everybody, now with curlers in her pink lady hair and pushing around a walker bedazzled with Hello Kitty.


It’s Marnie’s birthday, and she’s just as delusional/narcissistic as ever, lying about her age (she’s turning 77, not 63) and her upcoming surgery (it’s on her face, not her knee). Also, she just got “pitted” (sex via armpit is all the rage in the senior community) by a 90-year-old musician (no doubt an aging Desi-type) she met at Bingo night.   

And Hannah is exactly the same, except with poofy white hair. She's sporting overalls, airing out her vag from a UTI she caught from Depends and writing trend pieces for the “Days End Senior Living” newsletter.

The best part of any “Girls” content is always Elijah. He shows up here, completely unaged (thanks to boxed wine and Oil of Olay, he tells the ole “bitches”) with a six-pack of Ensure and a baggie of Ecstasy, and steals the show. No mention is made of Adam or Ray — perhaps they're dead?

Here's the question: would we watch an actual "Girls" revival 40 years from now, and what would the characters look and act like then? 

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