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Watch Jenny Slate sing a cappella with Mark Hamill and James Corden

Jenny Slate

We already knew Jenny Slate could crack jokes, but it sounds like she can carry a tune, too.

The Massachusetts-born star showed off her musical side during her appearance on Monday night’s episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” The 35-year-old actress and comedian revealed that she used to sing a cappella back in the day, which was apparently the cool thing to do at Milton Academy.

“At my high school, a cappella—believe it our not—was like cool,” Slate told the late-night host. “I did not have any friends and then I got into the a cappella group and suddenly I got to go to parties and I had like a boyfriend, we’re like frenching, second base—you know what I mean.”

The “Saturday Night Live” alum was shocked to find out that her cool kid status didn’t translate to college, as her university’s a cappella group wasn’t exactly “Pitch Perfect.”

“All dorks in the college a cappella group,” Slate said. “I swear to God it was cool even though when you watch a cappella you’re like, ‘This is painfully. What it is?'”

Slate went on to show off her old, dorky dance moves before teaming up with Corden and fellow guests Anna Faris and Mark Hamill for an impromptu, one-note a cappella session.

Aside from the song and dance, Slate revealed that she recently started living by herself for the first time in her adult life. Although it’s been a great experience so far, she is afraid that she might “choke to death” while she’s out on her own.

“It’s a bad death, I guess,” Slate joked. “They’re all sort of a bummer, the end of the road.”

Thankfully, Hamill was there to impart some Jedi wisdom on the young actress. The “Star Wars” legend ended up giving Slate and the audience a lesson on how to do a self-Heimlich maneuver.

“I’ve researched this,” Hamill said. “I’m trying to pass it on to the newly liberated here.”