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Watch Jimmy Kimmel roast Donald Trump’s awkward moment with Melania

There have been plenty of Donald Trump handshake moments that have made the rounds on social media and this one adds to the running list.

When First Lady Melania Trump was introducing her husband during a speech at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, President Trump walked to the podium to thank her and shook her hand firmly – the same way one might do at the office with a coworker.  To make matters more awkward, while he was shaking her hand and thanking her, he leaned in and said “you go sit down, honey” before nudging her off the stage.

As many of us already know, Jimmy Kimmel does not hesitate to roast President Trump whenever possible, and this time the late night talk show host didn’t hold back when it comes to the uncomfortable body language displayed between Donald and Melania Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel referred to their recent moment as the “most uncomfortable display of affection between any husband and wife this year,” and he might be right. The handshake cordial and business-like, but to make matters worse, Trump patted her on the back and basically told her to go sit down as if he was talking to a child.

“She should have just walked off that stage and kept walking all the way to Slovenia,” Kimmel said.

You can watch the full video on the White House YouTube page. Trump handshake moment happens at the 2:25 mark.

Kimmel then played a compilation clip of all the times Donald and Melania shared not-so-sweet moments on camera including the times she slapped Donald’s hand away during his trips Israel and Rome. After playing the “highlight reel” of Donald and Melania magic moments, he had the studio audience show their affection to each other on a “handshake cam.” 

Jimmy Kimmel on Trump handshake with Melania

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