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Watch: John Oliver says Boston ‘just got un-racist’ after counter-protest

John Oliver

Boston has a bit of a rocky history when it comes to race relations, but the city showed the world that it can come together to combat hate at this past weekend’s counter-protest of a far-right rally on the Common.

During Sunday night’s episode of HBO’s hit series “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver name-dropped Saturday’s high-profile event in the Hub, which featured tens of thousands of demonstrators. The reference occured while Oliver was doing a segment on the dangers of nuclear waste.

In the clip, the 40-year-old comic shows part of a documentary that details what would happen if a Fukushima-style diaster took place at a nuclear storage facility on the east coast. According to the video, the results of any serious mishaps would be extremely catastrophic for many metropolitan areas.

“That’s right, lots of big cities: New York, Hartford, Boston,” Oliver said in the segment.

The “Daily Show” alum went on to say that, “And that last one is a real shame because, as I understand it, they only just got un-racist yesterday.” Oliver proceeded to show an image from Saturday’s counter-protest, adding, “At least they could get to enjoy their new life.”

Check out the full “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” segment below.

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