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Watch John Stamos lose his cool on a Netflix receptionist

I'm John f----ing Stamos!

Did John Stamos have a primadonna flip-out on a Netflix receptionist that was secretly recorded by a witness and uploaded to YouTube Friday?

Ehh, probably not, considering Netflix also releasedamarketing campaign for Stamos’s (also possibly fake) new show, “John Stamos: A Human, Being” the same day.

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His behavior in the video also appears to jive with the egomaniacal representation of himself in the show’s trailer, in which Stamos muses about his life as a celebrity and “brand.”

But hey, as (likely) guerilla marketing stunts go, seeing Uncle Jesse demand that a scared receptionist tell an executive that “John, f—ing Stamos is here” while coining the term “S–tflix” is not half bad.

But it didn’t stop there. Stamos took to Twitter to call out Netflix for their (again, almost certainly not real) bungling of the video leak.

…prompting this reply from Netflix (also retweeted by Stamos).

The story gets even weirder. Netflix says that the new show premieres on April 31, but as one astute reader observed: that’s not a real date.

Whatever the hell John Stamos is up to, you can watch the trailer below.

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