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Watch Larry Wilmore send off with old pal Jon Stewart, kind words and booze

Video/Comedy Central

Larry Wilmore might not have a show anymore, but he gets by with a little help from his friends.

Jon Stewart, who introduced the world to Senior Black CorrespondentWilmore came out as the hostdelivered his final open to “The Nightly Show” on Comedy Central.

Watch the full episode HERE. If you’d rather fast forward to Stewart, cue the video to about 5:40.

“I have been in situations in what we call show business where my name has been on the show, they locked the door and told me, ‘Get your sh-t and get out!’ A wise man said to me, ‘Do not confuse cancelation with failure.’ And I took that to heart,” Stewart told his friend.”So I will say this: What you, my friend, were tasked to do, you have done beautifully.”

“You gave voice to underserved voices in the media arena and it was a show that was raw and poignant and funny and smart. You took something and got better every f-cking day. We talk about a little thing called resonance,” Stewart said, seeminglytaking a jabat aComedy Central executive who said that “The Nightly Show” hadn’t “resonated,” CNN Money noted.

“Did you resonate with your audience? Not only that but in a way you don’t even realize yet and won’t reveal itself for years to come. You started a conversation that was not on television when you began. What you don’t realize is you walk out of this room and that conversation doesn’t end.”

Comedy Central canceled “The Nightly Show” after what it called a “disappointing” 19 months. The show lost half of it’s lead in from “The Daily Show,” which has had disappointing numbers of its own since Jon Stewart left a year ago and was replaced by Trevor Noah.

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Per Nielsen data,Wilmore averaged around 700,000 viewers recently, which is quite a dip from Stephen Colbert’s final year in that time slot. Comedy Central was able to cancel “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” due to a renewal window in the contract, CNN reported.

Wilmore’s showwill be replaced by “@Midnight With Chris Hardwick,” which moves up a half-hour.

“It’s never easy when your television show gets canceled but I have to say, for me, there’s been a silver lining, you guys: all the free booze!” Wilmore joked.”Samantha Bee’s show sent over some cases of wine, and thenStephen Colbertsent over an amazing assortment of liquor.”

Wilmore showed off the gifts he received from other”Daily Show” alum— friends who left Comedy Central for opportunitieson other networks.

Thanks for the cases of wine Jo Miller, @iamsambee and everyone at Full Frontal. We love you too!

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Thanks for the pastries @thedailyshow but did you not get the memo about booze!

A photo posted by Larry Wilmore (@ldub61) on

Thanks @stepenathome and @colbertlateshow for all the tiny bottles of booze!

A photo posted by Larry Wilmore (@ldub61) on

Now that’s how you do it! Thanks for the cases of bubbly @IamJohnOliver and @lastweektonight

A photo posted by Larry Wilmore (@ldub61) on

Thanks for all the love, laughs and support. I’ll see you again very soon. Goodnightly.

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