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Watch: Matt Damon sells a Jimmy Kimmel doll QVC-style on ‘Ellen’

Matt Damon Ellen
Matt Damon stopped by 'Ellen.' Photo by 'Ellen' via YouTube / screenshot

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a pretty complicated relationship, but that didn’t stop Ellen DeGeneres from surprising the Boston actor with a Kimmel-themed prank.

Damon got roped into a special edition of the “Pitch Please” game while promoting his new film “Suburbicon” on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week. The Oscar winner was forced to make a QVC-style pitch for a product that only the audience and daytime host could see in an attempt to raise money for charity.

Although Damon gave it his all while pitching the hidden product, that’s only because he had no idea the item was an undewear-clad, blow-up doll featuring the face of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host. As expected, things took a hilarious turn as DeGeneres asked Damon questions about the product, which hinted at what the item could be.

“Does Jimmy Kimmel know you have this?” DeGeneres asked in the clip.

“Jimmy is not classy enough to have something like this,” Damon replied. “This, I can guarantee you, is not something that Jimmy has or has ever had or used.”

The studio audience had quite the laugh when Damon described how to use the product.

“Some people use it more than once a day, some people use it once a week,” he said. “That’s what’s great about it, it’s versatile and it’s very user-friendly.”

Damon couldn’t help but laugh himself when DeGeneres revealed the Kimmel doll to him.

“You even gave it a hairy chest,” Damon quiped.

Check out the full clip below.

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