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Watch Mayor Walsh channel Adele in GE-themed video ‘Hello’

“Hello Gov, it’s Marty” [Adele Spoof] from Kris Carter on Vimeo.

The St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast in South Boston has long been a venue for Massachusetts pols to crack jokes and roast colleagues.

At Sunday’s event, there were quips about dirty laundry (a barb aimed at embattled Sen. Brian Joyce), tiny hands (a la Donald Trump) and reefer-toking senators (a nod to the debate over legalizing marijuana in the state).

But a video starring Mayor Marty Walsh— draped in an enormous fur coat and sporting sunglasses in a spoof of Adele’s “Hello” —was the breakfast’s breakaway hit.

It got big laughs at the convention center gathering, and now it’s making the rounds online.

The premise is Walsh’s much-discussed “bromance” with Gov. Charlie Baker and the officials’ collaboration to bring GE’s headquarters to Beantown.

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In the video, as the song plays, Walsh looks longingly out the window at City Hall, his phone pressed to his ear as he tries to get in touch. Then he stands on the lawn of Boston Common gazing at the State House, dressed up like the chart-topping diva.

“Hey, Guv. It’s Marty,” Walsh says through his cell. “Haven’t heard from you in a while. Just giving you a call. I don’t know if you heard that GE is coming to Boston. We really need to work tougher on this. Give me a call back. I need you.”

It wraps up with a carousel of headlines about how the pair of best buds came together to seal the GE deal.

After it aired live on Sunday in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the in-the-flesh Walsh and Baker embraced for a selfie.

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It’s full of mini-jokes. Look for the dig at Baker’s native Swampscott during the lyric about a “town where nothing ever happens,” or the placement of a banner for the Los Angeles Olympics in Walsh’s office.

Meanwhile, the video’s saga may not be over. Local journalist Emily Hopkins has filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act for “outtakes or unused footage from the mayor’s recent spoof of Adele’s “Hello” as well as any contracts related to its production.”

That request is pending.

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