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Watch: Miley Cyrus twerking Air Jordan-style in this new video for ’23’

OK, I’ve said it once — and I’ll doubtless say it many more times before her crazy-ass campaign for world domination has run its course — but I freaking love Miley Cyrus.

Say what you want about the girl but has anyone talked about anything other than twerking and Miley Cyrus, mostly in the same sentence, in the last month? No, no they have not. Because Miley is either an evil creative genius, or has the world’s tightest PR team — or both.

This latest video just hit the interwebz today and I’ve already watched it three times. Not because it’s a particularly good jam (although, actually, I now have it stuck in my head as I type this, and I’m feeling the beat pretty hard) but because it’s yet another inexplicable piece of evidence that Miley Cyrus is TAKING OVER THE FREAKING WORLD. And I’m a little scared. But mostly just feeling this beat right now.

In the vid, mixed by one producer Mike WiLL Made It (never heard of him, but maybe will from now on), Miley humps basketball hoops, bathroom sinks, lockers and other inanimate objects while semi-rapping about her sneakers and also being high on Percs in a club.

Also, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J are there. They’re rapping too.

BRB I’m going to go watch this five more times while subliminal messages instructing me to buy old Hannah Montana tapes in bulk and drop Molly play in my head.

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