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Watch new video contradicting NYC’s claim on crosswalk death

A new video appears to contradict the city’s claim that a teacher struck and killed by an NYPD van was to blame for his own death.

Felix Coss, 61, was killed by an NYPD van driven by Paula Medrano on July 6, 2013, and the city has stated that Coss contributed to his death by not taking reasonable care to avoid getting hit, the New York Daily News reported.

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But a newly released video showed that Coss had a walk signal when he crossed a Brooklyn street, the Daily News added.

“According to the city of New York, if you’re crossing in a crosswalk with the walk light in your favor, you’re assuming the risk of being hit by a car, and if you are hit by a car, you’re at fault for the accident,” Andrew Levine, the Coss family’s attorney, said to ABC7 in a related report.

Warning, the below video is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Coss’ brother has filed a lawsuit against the van’s driver, the NYPD and the city, which has fought back against the suit by saying that Coss “knew or should have known in the exercise of due/reasonable care of the risks and dangers incident to engaging in the activity alleged,” according to the Daily News.

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“Stop this nonsense of trying to make my brother look like it’s his fault,” Coss’ brother was quoted by ABC7.

“The police got a free pass here when they killed the man, not even so much as a ticket or a violation was issued. Yet, Mayor de Blasio is on TV talking about ‘Vision Zero’ every day, how he’s an advocate for pedestrian safety,” Levine stated to ABC7.

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