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Watch out: Margot Robbie has a tattoo gun

Margot Robbie
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The comic book movie “Suicide Squad” comes out Friday, meaning it will suddenly be a real motion picture and not just an endless source of crazy/wacky/creepy stories from its nutty set. You’ve heard the tall tales: Actor Jai Courtney taking shrooms as part of his prep; Viola Davis being told by director David Ayer to call co-star Joel Kinnaman a “pussy”; and most notorious of all, Jared Leto getting so into his role as the Joker that he mailed his fellow actors condoms and anal beads.

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Margot Robbie, whom Leto sent a live rat (as you do), has a comparatively benign story: She bought a tattoo gun and started giving everyone amateur tattoos. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, she confessed that she’s not licensed and, despite gifting 50 separate people with permanent stains on their skin, she’s gotten worse, not better. “I remember my first couple, I was like, ‘I’m really impressed with myself,’” she exclaimed. “But it’s gotten downhill since then.”

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Some of them she would do on people’s feet, which she called “toe emojis” (see above). Others were cute little stick figures — say, of a girl holding a balloon. Let’s hope “Suicide Squad” is a monster hit. After all, if there’s no sequel, we’ll have to return to a boring life where every actor doesn’t have an excuse to go bats—t crazy.