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Watch: Teaser for Budweiser Super Bowl commercial tells the story of an immigrant’s success

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Known for its heartwarming Super Bowl commercials that have depicted the relationship between a puppy and a horse, Budweiser is now taking a more serious tone ahead of Sunday’s big game, and as the country grapples with the issue of immigration.

The beer company is recounting the success story of its immigrant cofounder, Adolphus Busch.

A sneak peak into the upcoming commercial spot was released Tuesday, and the full video will air during Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

The commercial follows Busch’s travel from Germany to the United States, where he’s told “you’re not wanted here” and to go back home. Busch lives out his American Dream in St. Louis, where he meetsEberhard Anheuser, a fellow German immigrant, with whom the pair go on to lead what became the world’s largest beer producer.

Though it was filmed in advance, the commercial comes at a time when immigration is at the forefront of national policy, after President Donald Trump decision last week to issue an executive order barring refugees from entering the country.

In its news release with the video, Budweiser stresses that the ad is about the American Dream, and does not take a political tone with the commercial.

“This commercial shows the start of Budweiser’s journey, and while it is set in the 1800s, it’s a story we believe will resonate with today’s entrepreneurial generation — those who continue strive for their dreams,”Budweiser vice presidentRicardo Marques said.

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