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WATCH: Three of R. Kelly’s alleged victims spotted at his concert in 2016

R. Kelly concert in 2016
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A new video emerges showing three of R. Kelly’s alleged victims at an R. Kelly show in 2016. The three women were all featured in the recent Lifetime docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly. 

According to TMZ, the obtained footage shows R. Kelly’s alleged sex slaves dancing and watching R. Kelly perform during a 2016 show in New Jersey.

In the revealing new video, TMZ points out Joycelyn Savage, Dominque Gardner and Azriel Clary are standing next to each other in front of the stage while Kelly is performing. The three women were featured in the docuseries and several reports say they are allegedly part of  R. Kelly’s sex cult.

The new video shows the three young women dancing and singing to his songs and it appears that R. Kelly walks to the edge of the stage a gives Azriel a high five.

Alleged R. Kelly sex slaves Joycelyn Savage, Dominique Gardner and Azriel Clary spotted at 2016 concert in New Jersey

According to the TMZ report, the woman recording R. Kelly at the concert shouts to Azriel, “Tell your father to come over here,” because she thought the girls were young. TMZ notes that all the women were 18 or older at the time of the recording. 

Joycelyn Savage, Dominque Gardner, Azriel Clary at R. Kelly show in 2016

There is no further information about the condition of the three women at the time, but it appears that the young women were having a good time at the show in the video.

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