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Watch video of fatal police-involved shooting in Boston

Watch video of fatal police-involved shooting in Boston
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Based on his voluntary policy, the Suffolk County district attorney has released video and audio from the Feb. 12 shooting of a 29-year-old man, who was fatally injured during a gunfight with police.

District Attorney Daniel Conley’s office is independently investigating the incident that led to the death of Peter FanFan.

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The recordings, which were released Monday, are a part of evidence which was gathered since the shooting including statements from officers involved and civilian witnesses, a discharged firearm discovered next FanFan, a lead projectile from inside the tire of an unmarked Boston Police car, data from the city’s ShotSpotter system, and other evidence.

The video, taken from a nearby private security camera, shows the area of Stanwood and Laredo streets at about 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 12, prosecutors said. During this time, Boston Police had received a radio call of a person shot and the video shows the following sequence of events:

10:29:13 Fanfan enters the frame from top right, turning from Stanwood Street onto Laredo Street.

10:29:29 A vehicle drives in reverse from right to left along Stanwood Street, coming to rest near the corner Fanfan had just turned.

10:29:49 Fanfan and another man, who is apparently injured and walking with a limp, enter the frame heading toward this vehicle.

10:29:51 An unmarked Boston Police cruiser operated by the first responding officer enters from the bottom left of the frame.

10:29:54 The officer in this cruiser opens his door and exits as Fanfan and the limping man head toward the vehicle waiting at the corner.

10:29:57 Fanfan appears to raise his hand, visible in a white glove, toward the officer while backing away.

10:29:58 The officer, who is activating his radio, ducks down behind the cruiser.

10:29:59 The limping man appears to lose his footing and fall.

10:30:00 The officer appears to unholster his service weapon, crouching and moving toward the rear of his cruiser.

10:30:01 The officer appears to raise his hands toward Fanfan and comes around the rear of his cruiser as Fanfan moves around the far side of the first vehicle.

10:30:04 The first vehicle begins to move in reverse while the officer moves back around the rear of his cruiser.

10:30:08 Fanfan can be seen lying in the street.

10:30:11 Additional officers responding to the scene enter the frame from the right while the first officer points his hands first toward Fanfan and then the vehicle, now at the left of the frame.

10:30:25 The first officer handcuffs the limping man.

According to prosecutors, the released Boston Police dispatch audio shows the first responding officer ordering the subject to “Drop the [expletive] gun” moments before notifying the dispatcher of “shots fired.” Officers can then be heard saying “shots fired, we got a suspect down,” and also yelling “we need help,” “gun,” and “show your hands.”

The police also call in a “Code 303” – the Boston Police signal for the discharge of a service weapon – and then request medical assistance.

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Conley had pledged to release the whole investigative file to FanFan’s family and also the media once the investigation was complete.

“Our practice is to make every report, every photograph, every document, and every recording public at the investigation’s conclusion,” Conley said. “What’s most important is to conduct a full, fair, thorough investigation that doesn’t prejudge the facts or evidence. We rule nothing in or out at this early stage.”

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