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WATCH: Which country deserves to be second to Trump’s America?

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In his inauguration speech President Donald Trump promised to put “America first.” Supporters interpreted the words as a patriotic pledge to put their needs first, while others saw them as a dark turn inward for the country.

But more recently a series of YouTube videos are interpreting the proclamation as a way to introduce themselves to the new president and compete to be his No. 2 country.

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Videos representing countries from all over the world from Denmark and Italy to Mexico and even Mars, are hilariously pleading their cases by channeling The Donald’s style and needs, and bashing fellow countries along the way.

Denmark speaks in a bad Trump accent, while proving its better than Holland and its “horrible” windmills; Italy makes one of the best cases with its sunshine for the perfect orange tan, history of dictatorship and ability to be easily defeated.

Check out the contenders below and let us know who you think should be second to Trump’s America.

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