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Watch woman hilariously panic in a self-driving car

Watch woman hilariously panic in a self-driving car
Screenshot/CarBuzz Facebook

A video of a woman freaking out while trying a Tesla car’s self-driving mode went viral on Thursday.

The video, called “My mom lets Tesla self-drive,” was uploaded sometime this week and shared to Reddit on Thursday. The owner of the video has since made it private.

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According to Electrek.co, the video depicts Tesla owner and YouTube user William Rimmer’s 70-year-old mother trying out the car’s autopilot feature for the first time.

“As you’ll see, her reaction is a bit problematic though I don’t think Rimmer was fair,” Electrek.co explained. “He should have told her to keep her hands on the steering wheel, as it is recommended. It’s not only safer, but it also increases the level of comfort when surrendering the controls to the autopilot.”

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The autopilot feature in Tesla vehicles is relatively new, if not incomplete, BGR.com reported.

“There’s no question that autopilot works. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone is comfortable taking their hands off the wheel,” BGR.com explained.

Though the original video on YouTube has been made private, CarBuzz.com uploaded a copy of the video to their Facebook page:

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