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Wayne Rooney to ditch Manchester United for United States, MLS?

Wayne Rooney could eventually land in MLS.
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Since he’s still in the prime of his illustrious career at age 29, not to mention with a few years remaining on his contract at Manchester United (one of the world’s most storied teams), striker Wayne Rooney won’t be playing in MLS anytime soon.

However, file this juicy quote away for future reference: he would certainly consider such a move when he has to think about his next destination.

“I’m obviously concentrating on Manchester United,” he told the Seattle Times last week when his team was in town for a match against Club America (Mexico). “When the time comes, (MLS will) be something I’d think about. I’ll sit down with my wife and children and decide if it would be right for me.”

Manchester United seemingly does a summer tour of the United States every year so Rooney has to be getting somewhat familiar with the general area. Moreover, he’s a huge basketball fan that has gone to multiple Knicks and Lakers games. Who knows, maybe by the time he comes here, those once great franchises will be relevant again.

Rooney is one of the biggest English stars in modern times. He debuted as a teenager and played for his hometown team-Everton-for three seasons before he signed with Manchester United in 2004. Since then, he has put up 170 goals in 340 Premier League appearances. He has won five EPL championships and a Champions League title in 11 seasons with the Red Devils.

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