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We get it, Christina Hendricks — you have a huge rack (PHOTOS)

When Christina Hendricks burst upon the scene in 2007 as Joan Holloway, the office manager for Sterling Cooper (and then later Sterling Cooper Draper Price) on the AMC series “Mad Men,” the world crowed about how it was so wonderful to see a full-figured woman on television and on the red carpet. (Let’s just look past the fact she continues to claim she is a size four; the world needs a full-figured- someone-or-another-even-if-she-technically-isn’t to gaze upon).

And look, I’m not going to deny it: Christina Hendricks is a super hottie. And I think we can all agree that her ta-ta’s are especially bodacious.

But just because she has a great rack doesn’t mean we have to see it all the time.

At this point, her cleavage is just over-exposed. Every major red carpet she appears on, her girls are pushed sky high in what must be the best hidden scaffolding in the world. They seem like they are always trying to make a run for it. Her girls are always so there that it’s hard to look past them to her pretty face. (Note: I’ve met Hendricks and even I, I straight woman, had a hard time tearing my gaze away to look at her eyes, something that must get old for her, no?).

I’m not saying she needs to wear a turtleneck for the rest of her life. That would be a travesty of epic proportions. But can’t she just, well, downplay her assets every now and again? I bet they could use a break…and so could I.

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