Welcome to Pig Island - Metro US

Welcome to Pig Island

Governers Island will be transformed into a pork lover’s paradise on Saturday, so we asked chefs from some of the city’s finest restaurants participating in this tasting event to explain why swine is oh-so-fine.

Jacques Gautier,
Palo Santo

Why pig?
“Pork is a tasty, high-fat meat,” explains Gautier. “Pigs are of a workable size, so we are able to use the entire animal.”

Pig Island menu
“We will be making pork tacos,” says Gautier. “Some of the oddest parts of the pig taste delicious in a taco, thus enabling us to make use of the entire animal in one simple preparation.”

Patti Jackson,
I Trulli

Why pig? “Pork is a great ingredient because it’s so versatile — it’s good sweet, smoky, spicy, herb-y, salty, with cheese, with all sorts of vegetables,” says Jackson.

Pig Island menu
“I chose to make cotecchino [a large fresh sausage] and testa [head cheese] because they allow me to do a ‘nose to tail’ effect with the pigs,” says Jackson.

Chris Rendel,
Double Crown Restaurant

Why pig?
“The pig is such a great, tasty and flexible ingredient,”?says Rendel. “Besides, everything is better with bacon!”

Pig Island menu:
“I’ll be making Bak Kuh Teh — pork rib tea soup,” says Rendel. “I really wanted to do something different, and the Pig Island event is the perfect opportunity to recreate this dish, having tried it on the streets of Malaysia earlier in the year. Using the whole beast, I can really get the true pork-y flavor.”

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