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What are the worst March snowstorms to hit NYC, Philly and Boston?

Winter Storm Stella is delivering snow, sleet and strong winds along the Northeast, creating extremely dangerous driving conditions and school cancellations.

The late-season Nor’easter may not have been has bad has once predicted for some areas, but the Northeast has experienced monster March snowstorms.

Below are five of the worst snowstorms to hit New York, Philadelphia and Boston in March.

New York

March 13, 1888 – 21 inches of snow, 70 mph winds, over 200 deaths.

March 4, 1941 – 18.1 inches of snow recorded at Central Park.

March 4, 1960 – 14.5 inches of snow was recorded.

March 5, 1981 – NYC was hit with a mix of rain and snow. There was a total of 8.6 inches of total snow accumulation.

March 13, 1993 – 11 inches of snow in NYC, 42.9 inches of total snow accumulation in Syracuse. More than 300 people were killed. The storm was labeled as the “Storm of the Century”


There have been three major snowstorms to hit Boston and the New England area in March.

March 4, 1891 – 12 inches of snow

March 19, 1956 –13.2 inches of snow

March 13, 1993 –12.3 inches of snow


In Philadelphia, the two biggest snowstorms to hit the city in March were in 1958 and 1993.

March 19, 1958 – The Philadelphia region was hit with 11.4 inches of wet snow.

March 13, 1993 – Strong winds over 60 mph, approximately 20 inches of total snow accumulation from March 13 through March 15.

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