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What day is Christmas on?

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We know Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but if you’re anything like us, you’re already wondering, what day is Christmas on?

After all, these are the important questions. This one in particular impacts how many days you get off of work for the winter holiday, which in turn determines how many of those precious PTO days you’re going to have to use in order to take the winter vacation of your dreams.

It also gives you a glimpse into your future when it comes to being with your family. Are you in store for a longer, and therefore more prone to feuding, stay or shorter? (We suggest a nice bottle of wine to smooth the waters and absolutely no competitive board games.)

So, what day is Christmas on?

Wonder no longer, holiday planners. Christmas, or December 25, falls on a Monday this year. That means one of your normal holidays when the office is closed, Christmas Eve on December 24, actually falls on a Sunday this year, cutting those days of a little shorter than other years. Shoot.

Your chances of family drama breaking out, however, are lower than other years. At least there’s something for which to be thankful with the shorter holiday break.

Although there’s little we can do about Aunt Shelly and Uncle Michael’s long-standing dispute that no one can remember the root of anymore, we do have some ideas for making sure everyone’s so well fed that they’ll be too busy munching to make any trouble.

These slab pies not only feed a holiday crowd, but also make sure no one needs to fight over the last slice of their favorite flavor. You can also whip up some of these serious satisfying fall desserts that, though they’re not traditional, are delicious enough to keep everyone distracted.


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