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What did Trump tweet today? The GOP tax plan is a ‘winner’ and more

What Did Trump Tweet Today

What did Trump tweet today? Well, that’s a loaded question.

The 45th President of the United States has clearly chosen Twitter as his favorite means of communication, with fellow politicians and even other members of the Trump administration finding out about his decisions on the social media platform before they’ve been briefed — or consulted, for that matter. We clearly can’t give you the rundown daily, but we’ll do our best to highlight the biggest talkers from his Twitter stream every day.

Keep checking back for updates on the latest inflammatory tweets as well as what they mean for politics, policy and the everyday person in America.



Stock market and Dow numbers



It makes sense that Trump would tout high stock market and Dow numbers, but what doesn’t make sense is the conjecture in the second tweet in this stain. In it, the president claims he knows that, has the Democrats won in the 2016 presidential election, the stock market would be down 50% from where it is now — a theoretical situation that no one could possibly plot out.

The Times is an enemy of the Trump tax plan



In a series of two tweets, number 45 railed against the “failing” New York Times for what he sees as their opposition to the Trump tax plan, which multiple nonpartisan organizations and economic experts have said will actually raise taxe for some, including those the GOP claims will see tax cuts. At the end of the rant attacking their journalistic standards, he tagged a show on Fox Network, to which he has given a disproportionately high amount of his interviews.



Retweeting a snarky post from Sarah Huckabee Sanders



Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, took to her job’s government official Twitter account to post a snarky response to CNN’s announcement that they’ll be boycotting the White House Christmas party. Despite the job-inappropriate editorializing, Trump retweeted the post early this morning.

Matt Lauer commentary and attacks on three other journalists



In a series of two posts this morning, Trump used Matt Lauer’s termination at NBC as an opportunity to call for the firing of the network’s top executives for what he claims is “Fake News.” He also used the names of two other reporters and called for a termination of their contracts over the same claims. He also referenced an incident in which a dead intern was found in Joe Scarborough’s office in an attack many are interpreting as an accusation that Scarborough himself was responsible for the death.



Going into a meeting without an open mind



Although Trump tweeted about reaching across party lines by having a meeting with “Chuck and Nancy” — not sure why their first names are in quotation marks in the president’s tweet since those are, in fact, their names — don’t expect much work to actually happen. He tweeted before even going into the meeting “I don’t see a deal,” making many followers wonder why the meeting is happening in the first place. Trump previously received criticism from his own party for holding meeting with the two Democrats.



Changes to the Trump tax plan



“Some mathematical” changes are coming to the Trump tax plan, which has seen its share of issues in attempts to pass. Although Trump claims that “the middle class and job producers can get even more in actual dollars and savings” with these news changes, we’ll have to wait for more information. Trump has not been the most reliable source of information about the tax plan he’s pushing through, sometimes indicating a lack of understanding about what’s included and how it would work. Experts say the current version would not save the middle class money.

More attacks on the media (except Fox News)



This morning, Trump tweeted that all of the news networks — except his favorite, Fox News, to which he has given a disproportionate amount of interviews — should all compete with each other for “the FAKE NEWS TROPHY.” He also managed to call himself America’s (or at least his Twitter followers’) “favorite President,” although recent polls and Trump impeachment odds do not support his claim.



Economic security equals national security



Trump used his Twitter account today mostly to post clips of the speech he gave at APEC 2017. This tweet in particular stood out as it hammers home Trump’s frequently made connection between the U.S. economy and its national security. Trump argues that they’re not just connected, but equivalent.



Hope for the future of our relationship with China



Trump was uncharacteristically silent on Thursday on Twitter, likely due to travel demands during his trip to Asia and the time difference. He did, however, log onto the social media platform long enough to tweet out that looks “forward to building an even STRONGER relationship between the United States and China.” China is the largest trade partner of rogue Asian nation North Korea, with which Trump has been exchanging barbs for several months.



Subtle threats to North Korea



Trump reiterated his previous claims that America’s past peaceful treatment of North Korea has been construed on the part of the rogue Asian nation as “weakness,” but cautions that this would be a “fatal miscalculation” on the part of leader Kim Jong Un. The violence, though subtle, is definitely present, especially when he wraps up the tweets with an all caps “AND DO NOT TRY US.”



Trump lies about the potential tax cuts



Though it’s a connection Trump frequently makes on his Twitter account, the stock market and job creation are not linked that closely, experts are quick to point out. Different experts who have combed through the proposed Trump tax plan have also said that claims that the middle class would greatly benefit from them are just simply not true.

In fact, in the past week it has come to light that the GOP considers a family that makes $450,000 “middle class,” though if you look at real American income, a family that makes this much is solidly in the upper echelons. Combing through all the proposed tax cuts aldo revealed that it’s the top 1% of Americans, not the middle class, that would get half the tax cuts. The middle class would get somewhere around 10% of the Trump tax plan proposed tax cuts.


Trump tells people who to vote for in Virginia



Trump slammed Democrat Ralph Northam for being “weak on crime, weak on our GREAT VETS, Anti-Second Amendment” and “horrible on Virginia economy,” before touting Republican runner Ed Gillespie. Though he claims Gillespie is the antithesis to Northam, and the candidate who will “totally turn around the high crime and poor economic performance of VA” (in addition to somehow completely eradicating crime; Trump claims “crime will be gone”), he never comments on Gillespie’s experience, skills or record — leaving voters with nothing to go with but the word of the president, who lied in his previous tweet that morning.



Trump weighs in on the Virginia election



During his trip to Asia, in which he’s visiting multiple countries and meeting with multiple leaders, Trump took a minute to weigh in on some domestic politics. With Virginia staring down an election tomorrow, Trump logged on to the social media platform to slam the Democrats rather than a specific Democrat’s record in the state. He also claimed without citing the man’s skills or record that Ed Gillespie would bring the economy “roaring back.”



Trump ranted against Clinton and the Justice Department



Never one to hang back from exaggeration, Trump started his five tweet long rant against Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the Justice Department by claiming that “everybody is asking” why the DOJ and FBI aren’t investigating “all of the dishonesty going on.” After taking a short break to tweet about the claim from ISIS that the NYC terrorist was one of their “soldiers,” he was back on the 2016 election and Democratic primaries for two more tweets. In those, he states that he always thought he would be running against Bernie Sanders in the presidential election.

Trump reacts to getting shut down



After his account was taken down for 11 minutes, Trump lashed out claiming it was done by “a rogue employee,” of the White House or Twitter is anyone’s guess. He ended with a vague sentence saying “the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact,” though the president’s Twitter account being disbanded seems more in line with word getting out that people are disgruntled with his behavior on social media than his own words having an impact with followers who agree with him.



Trump calls for death penalty again



The president took to Twitter again this morning to call for the execution of Saipov, the NYC terrorist. More than anything else, Trump calls for the process to “move quickly,” bemoaning the fact that sending Saipov to Guantanamo, but “that process takes much longer than going through the Federal system.” Instead, he advocates in all caps for the death penalty.



Trump calls for death penalty for NYC terrorist



Documents show that Sayfullo Saipov, the 29-year-old Uzbek native who used a truck to plow over pedestrians and cyclists in the name of ISIS requested that the flag for the terrorist group be hung in his hospital room, a fact the president pounced on on Twitter. Trump used the same tweet to call for Saipov’s execution.


Trump connects Obamacare and his tax plan



Switching from the NYC terrorist attack, Trump tweeted about Obamacare, calling again for cuts to the program and funneling the money into the Trump tax plan. He labels the Obamacare policy “very unfair and unpopular,” though this is unsubstantiated by poll numbers, and again claims the Trump tax plan would result in tax cuts for the middle class — a claim with which many experts disagree. In fact, they say that the middle class might even see tax increases under the proposed plan.

Trump uses NYC terrorist attack to promote immigration reform



Trump commented on the NYC terrorist attacks this morning, not to tweet support for the families of the victims, but to point a finger at Chuck Schumer and the Democrats for an immigration policy with which he disagrees. He sarcastically called the “Democrat Lottery Systems” a “Chuck Schumer beauty,” before tweeting at Fox News to call for “MUCH tougher (and smarter)” policy he wants that is “merit based.”



Trump tries to shift the focus



After ranting about the Russia investigation, Trump offered the Twittersphere three more options for a focus — perhaps to try to distract from the ever-tightening investigation. He tapped the “Massive Tax Cuts for Business,” which he seems to claim would impact jobs, the tax cuts for middle class (though experts say the middle class could actually see tax increases under the Trump tax plan) and “Democrat corruption.” The tweet seems to mirror the coverage of “Manafort Monday” by Fox News, which chose to report not on the investigation but rather a new hamburger emoji.

Trump throws Papadopoulos under the bus


….came to the campaign. Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar. Check the DEMS!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 31, 2017


With the Russia investigation kicking into high gear and the indictments coming in thick and fast, Trump took to Twitter to call it all “Fake News” again. He once again claimed there was no collusion and Trump claims that interaction between Manafort and Russia happened “long before he came to the campaign.” He also claimed George Papadopoulos, another focus of Mueller and his team, was a “low level volunteer.” He also claimed that “few people knew” George, though apparently enough people knew him to know he “has already proven to be a liar,” referencing the fact that Papadopoulos plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his interactions with Russia.



Trump attacks the Russia investigation



Trump questioned the validity and focus of the Russia investigation lead by special investigator Robert Mueller, which is looking into the Trump campaign’s connections to Russia, though their scope is far from limited to that subject. He also added in a second tweet that “there is NO COLLUSION.” Though it seems that Mueller’s actions the past few days are a strong indication otherwise.



Claimed lots of thought behind the release of JFK files



Despite calls from experts not to release them, or at least to be circumspect, the president did indeed release the JFK files last night and tweeted about it this morning. Trump claimed that the “JFK Files are being carefully released,” as some have still yet to reach the public. If the president’s word holds true, we’ll eventually see those as well, since he claimed his hope is to “get just about everything to public.” Makes you wonder what they’ll choose to hold back, though, no?

President mocks Trump impeachment efforts



Despite Tom Steyer dropping literally millions on an ad campaign designs to promote a Trump impeachment, the president seemed to laugh it off on Twitter this morning. He called the billionaire “wacky” and “totally unhinged,” claiming Steyer is not only fighting against Trump but also his “Make America Great Again agenda.” Steyer is a Democratic mega donor who has spent at least eight figures on an ad campaign to call for the Trump impeachment and says he will not throw his money behind anyone in the 2020 presidential election who does not sign his petition.

Praised Fox News, which may not be doing too well



Despite the president’s near constant praise for the network and frequent appearances — he has disproportionately given interviews to the conservative network over others, more so than any past president — Fox News’ numbers are in, and they’re not looking too hot. The network is losing revenue, and they can’t pay their bills with compliments from Trump. Their ad revenue recently dropped a whopping 17 percent.



Trump weighs in on the race…and controversial monuments



Trump highly praised Ed Gillespie this morning in the race for Virginia governor, claiming he would “turn the really bad Virginia economy #’s around, and fast” in addition to being “strong on crime.” The most noteworthy comment in the two-string tweet endorsement, though, might have been his mention of controversial monuments. He claimed Gillespie “might even have our great statues/heritage,” which is likely referencing Confederate monuments that some cities have chosen to remove in recent months.

Trump claims the Republicans are close



Though the budget did pass this morning, Trump’s boast that no one should “underestimate the UNITY within the Republican Party” feels a bit hollow after Senator Flake’s speech about how he will not be complicit with the president and his way of working and will therefore not run for reelection. (Not to mention the standing ovation the Senator received upon finishing his speech.)



Theories about Corker and Flake



This morning, Trump claimed the only reason that Flake and Corker “dropped out of the Senate race” is that they each “had zero chance of being elected.” This is despite the fact that Corker told Politico back in September that “When I ran back in 2006 I told people I just couldn’t imagine serving more than two terms.” Trump’s claims also counter reports that Corker talked with Trump back in September when he was considering retirement and was encouraged by the president to run for reelection and given Trump’s full support.

Trump’s claim might be more realistic when it comes to Flake, who has lost popularity in his home state over his feud with the president. Flake published a book critical of Trump, and recent private polls conducted in his home state “showed him on track to lose badly in next August’s Republican primary to challenger Kelli Ward,” according to CNN.

Trump forgets (twice) that Flake got a standing ovation



Despite Trump’s claims that his meeting yesterday was “a love fest” that garnered “standing ovations and great ideas” for the country, he’s forgetting that Flake’s speech about why he won’t run for Senate again was also met with applause, a standing ovation even — and those standing included Republican Senators.



Trump goes on an extended rant against Bob Corker



The two have been exchanging blows through interviews and social media for a while now, but Trump seems to have been enraged this morning, launching into a Twitter rant that spanned five tweets about the head of the Foreign Relations Committee. Corker has previously criticized Trump for leading the country down the path toward World War 3, and called the White House an “adult day care center.”

Corker’s response to the tweets? He called Trump an “utterly untruthful president” and predicted that Trump’s presidential legacy will be “the debasement of our nation.” Trump’s attacks on Corker came just hours before he was scheduled to head to the Hill for a GOP unity effort.



Trump takes a swing at grieving widow



Instead of having the White House or John Kelly speak on his behalf, Trump is now speaking out about the phone call he had with the family of Sgt. La David Johnson on his own. He countered claims the widow herself has made that Trump didn’t seem to know her husband’s name and struggled to remember. On Twitter, the president clearly makes a point of using his name and adding that he used it “without hesitation!”

Trump claims your 401(k) is safe



After reports claiming the GOP was eyeing cuts to how much you could stash away in your 401(k) every year in order to make their Trump tax plan look profitable for the country, a bit of panic broke loose since experts agreed the change would make retirement near impossible for many. This morning, Trump took to Twitter to combat these rumors, saying it “has always been a great and popular middle class tax break that works, and it stays!”



Trump “quotes” report but doesn’t give source



Although he slaps the word “report” in the tweet and put a statistic about “Radical Islamic terror” in quotation marks, Trump fails to include a link to any study or report, leaving it open for debate whether this stat is from a reliable source or even true. Even if it turns out to be real, citing a statistic about what’s happening in a different country not connected to the United States by a border seems like shaky logic unless you’re simply trying to incite irrational fear.

Trump praised the budget and called out Rand Paul



In a series of two tweets this morning, Trump announced that the “Budget” (big B a must) just barely passed last night. They didn’t get any Democrats to vote for it — no surprise there, as experts say the Trump tax plan might actually end up hurting the middle class, which Trump claims to be helping — but Trump wanted everyone to know which Republican vote they did not get. Poor Rand Paul, called out on social media.

What’s perhaps most surprising about this negative name drop is that Trump presumes to tell us exactly how Paul will vote in the next round on tax cuts. It’s either presumptuous or a subtle kind of coercion, but implying that Paul doesn’t have any other option but to vote pro on the cuts. We’ll have to wait to see whether Trump’s prediction comes true.



Trump teases tax plan vote



In what feels very similar to what happened with the Trump healthcare vote, the president teased on Twitter this morning that he thinks “we have the votes” to pass the Trump tax plan, or at least a step toward it. A vote on the “big Budget” will happen that Trump characterized as the “first step toward massive tax cuts.” What he failed to mention is who will receive those tax cuts. Experts agree that the top 1% will see tax cuts, essentially solidifying their place as the top 1%, while middle class Americans might see even higher tax rates under the new plan.

Trump trots out an old campaign trail favorite



Most likely inspired by the fresh investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee into a 2010 sale that gave control of 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russian government, Trump took to Twitter this morning to call the sale — and Clinton and Obama’s involvement in it — the “biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow.” (This despite coverage by media outlets like Politico.) During the 2016 presidential election, this was one of Trump’s go-to topics for trying to discredit his opponent, Hillary Clinton.



Trump calls Congresswoman a liar



After reports that Trump told the widow of one of the soldiers killed in Niger that “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt,” the president took to social media to deny these claims. Rep. Frederica Wilson told NBC Miami that she heard his remarks over the speakerphone, though Trump said “I have proof” that her claim is “totally fabricated.” Whether or not we’ll get to see that proof is another question entirely.

Trump throws a jab at Comey and Clinton



Rants against Hillary Clinton are far from infrequent on the Trump Twitter handle, but this series of two tweets pulls in fired FBI Director James Comey. Trump suggests that Comey prematurely concluded that Clinton deserved to be pardoned before collecting all relevant information after finding out that the man he fired had drafted a letter of exoneration before the investigation ended.

That’s a direct contraction to Clinton’s own thoughts on the matter. She has blamed the ex-FBI Director for her loss in the 2016 presidential election, citing as evidence that he reopened the investigation into her email server just days before the election. The tweets are also complicated by the fact that, even if Comey did lie under oath, a central part of the ongoing Russia investigation being lead by Robert Mueller is that Trump fired Comey for refusing to stop looking into whether the president colluded with Russia to influence the election.

Trump oversimplifies the proposed tax reform



There’s a couple things going on in this oversimplified morning tweet: First of all, just because Democrats do not support the proposed Trump tax plan does not mean they’re only in favor of tax increases; secondly, to call the suggested reforms that Trump favors “largest Tax Cuts in U.S. history” doesn’t capture the reality of what’s being proposed. In fact, experts suggest that the tax cuts that will result if the Trump tax plan passes is the top 1%, while the middle class might even see tax increases.



Trump weighs in on Tom Marino’s withdrawal


Trump broke the news of Rep. Tom Marino’s withdrawal from the drug czar race earlier this morning. Congressman Marino bore the brunt of significant criticism this week when a joint report by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes illustrated how legislation Marino sponsored stymied the Drug Enforcement Administration’s fight against the opioid crisis in America.



Trump brags about the stock market and unemployment rates



Trump tweeted largely the same idea last week, and the claim about unemployment is just as unfounded now as it was then. There was indeed a fall in unemployment from 4.4% in August 2017 to 4.2% in September 2017, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, but the 17 year claim is unfounded. (And last week when he tweeted about it, it was a 16 year claim, not 17.) Unemployment rates hovered around this same mark back in 2007.

Though Americans are certainly happy for the reduction in unemployment, the country actually saw a loss of 33,000 jobs in September 2017 as opposed to the job creation enjoyed in September of the past six years. And the record of Trump jobs, whether that’s creation or bringing them back to America, isn’t quite what he claims. For example, Trump claimed Apple plants would be coming to the U.S., when in reality they are not.

Trump wants Hillary Clinton to run in 2020



The 2020 election buzz just got more complicated as Trump took to Twitter this morning to write ‘I hope so’ about the possibility of Hillary Clinton running again. Although another run by the female politician would make many of her fans ecstatic, the potentially docket of Democrats in 2020 is hazy. There are Mark Cuban 2020 rumors swirling, and some people claim that Mark Zuckerberg is acting a lot like someone who wants to run for public office. It’s an interesting position for the president to take either way considering the controversy that burnt hot in regards to the popular vote on the heels of the 2016 presidential election.



Trump appears sympathetic to Puerto Rico



In a sharp turn from yesterday’s tweets that seemed to imply that Puerto Rico relief efforts aren’t worth the money the U.S. is spending through organizations like FEMA, Trump tweeted sympathetic and complimentary words about the U.S. territory. We doubt the words will do much for the San Juan mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, who used the same social media platform to call Trump the ‘Hater In Chief’ last night.

Trump slashes Obamacare subsidies, taunts Democrats



After major Affordable Care Act insurance subsidies were scrapped, Trump took to Twitter to describe the effect and take a jab at Democrats. Though the Trump administration slashed the “massive subsidy payments,” he tells Dems to “call me to fix” the problem. This comes the morning after the Trump healthcare executive order. Not sure what the effects will be? Here’s exactly how it will affect you and your coverage.



Trump takes another swipe at the media



Although it’s unclear to what he was referring — most likely the NBC News story which cited officials in a meeting with Trump claiming he expressed the desire to increase the U.S. nuclear arsenal tenfold — Trump lashed out at the media, which he again called “Fake News.”

Trump points the finger at Puerto Rico…again



In a series of three tweets this morning, Trump stood by his previous claims that Puerto Rico has financial and infrastructure issues of its own creation that were in place before Hurricane Maria made matters worse. Sharyl Attkisson, the woman Trump quotes in his first tweet, is an author and a former investigative correspondent for CBS News in the Washington bureau. She currently hosts a TV show that airs on Sundays called “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.”

The praised responders for their work in Puerto Rico, but warned that the United States cannot keep FEMA there, despite the “difficult circumstances,” forever. This comes just a day after many reports of deaths caused by infection from consuming tainted drinking water. At least two deaths have been confirmed to be from leptospirosis, spread by the urine of infected animals entering the drinking water.



Trump challenges networks because of critical reporting


Following reports from NBC News that expose why Rex Tillerson called Trump a “moron,” Trump took to Twitter to not only repeat his favorite attack on news networks (“Fake News”) but also insinuate that their license should be pulled for their critical coverage. He claims their reports, which come from three officials in the room during a July meeting on nuclear arms that included Trump and Tillerson, were entirely fabricated.

Trump Twitter on the stock market and unemployment



In a series of two consecutive tweets, the president took on the stock market and current unemployment in the U.S. in order to argue for the Trump tax plan being debated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a fall in unemployment from 4.4% in August 2017 to 4.2% in September 2017, but the 16 year claim is unfounded. Unemployment rates hovered around this mark in 2007. Though Americans are certainly happy for the reduction in unemployment, the country actually saw a loss of 33,000 jobs in September 2017 as opposed to the job creation enjoyed in September of the past six years.

His claim that passing the Trump tax plan would send the stock market soaring and the unemployment rate dropping is also unfounded according to many experts. The tax plan does indeed include massive cuts, but many have argued that they serve only the top 1%, the people least in need of them, whereas the middle class might actually see some increases in taxes.



Trump Twitter takes on the NFL…again


After lashing out against players who chose to take a knee in protest during the national anthem — as well as NFL team owners who can’t seem to get their players in line with the president’s wishes — Trump went after the organization as a whole. This call for changes in tax law that would directly affect the organization is the latest in the public feud which seems to only pick up steam as the weeks go by. We have more on that proposed Trump tax law change, if you’re curious.

Trump healthcare might be right around the corner


The president isn’t deterred by the fact that the Trump healthcare bill failed to garner enough votes to pass. (Remember the Graham-Cassidy bill that didn’t make it through the Senate?) In fact, early this morning, President Trump tweeted what can only be seen as intent to sign an executive order on the matter. Strangely, this comes just days after Trump teased the possibility of working with the Democrats to find a bipartisan healthcare solution.

Trump bites back at The New York Times and Bob Corker


Everyone is well aware of Trump’s opinion about the New York Times, which he managed to slip once again into this most recent tweet, but that doesn’t stop him from responding to their stories. Earlier this week, the Times broke an interview with GOP Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), who claimed that Trump is leading America down a path towards World War III. Corker also called the White House an “adult day care center.” This morning, Trump responds to the battle that’s been raging between the two, seemingly claiming that Corker wasn’t aware that he was being recorded by the Times.

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